Zycosil Conc is a 100% Reactive Organosilane Nano-sealer which becomes an integral part of the structure itself. Zycosil Conc is water-dilutable, safe, sprayable and easy to apply.

What is unique about Zydex Zycosil Conc?

Zycosil Conc is like 1mm deep ‘skin’ to your Building vs 0.075 mm polymer or paints ‘Band-Aid’ on your Building.

The peel-off issues are eliminated as Zycosil Conc is non-leachable & UV resistant.

How does it work?

Zycosil Conc penetrates up to approximately 0.5 – 1 mm into substrates and converts the siliceous surface to alkyl siloxane (water resistant) surface.

Si-OH-+OH-Si —>Si-O-Si-R (alkyl)-+H,0 1 (Evaporate)

Complete drying is critical to complete the reaction and achieve water resistance.

The surface tension of the hydrophobic surface created by Zycosil Conc will ensure that water molecules stay in droplet form due to repulsion. This large droplet will not enter into nanopores of the cementitious surface.

Application Methodology

The substrate should be cured, dry, free from voids (honeycombs).

If honeycombs are present, drill hole and inject Zycosil Conc solution 1:20 in water. Allow it to dry and inject suitable grout to fill and close the hole.

For substrates with oil, grease, fungal growth etc., clean and dry the surface thoroughly before application.

Zycosil Conc should be diluted with potable water (TDS <1000 ppm) to obtain a clear transparent solution.

The diluted solution should be liberally sprayed with low pressure till flood saturation is achieved.

Flood saturation on horizontal surfaces means no further absorption of Zycosil Conc even after 5 minutes of spraying.

On vertical surfaces apply Zycosil Conc from bottom to the top.


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