Professional New & Re-Guttering Services

Gutters are an important aspect of every building as they effectively push water away from walls and foundations.
New architectural trends have seen new homes being built with no gutters. This is neither practical nor effective and, consequently, traditional or hidden gutters are preferable to prevent damp and water damage.
Our mainline guttering products are seamless gutters, roll formed on site from pre-painted coils of colour lume, a zinc and aluminium alloy, profiled in a modern and timeless “Ogee” style.
Hanger brackets are concealed inside the gutter enhancing aesthetics and preventing unsightly finishes. Gutters are installed as level as possible, giving first consideration to the aesthetic appearance and then to function.
Corners are mitered with formers and sealed with UV resistant silicone. Blind rivets are used to keep everything together.
Gutter sizes available are 6 inch (150mm x 100mm) industrial, and 5 inch domestic
(125mm x 85mm).

Downpipes are available in (100mm x 75mm) rectangular, (75mm x 50mm) rectangular and 75mm diameter round.
We also do specialised gutter systems, boxed gutters in various sizes and other applications with rainwater heads (hopper boxes).