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AirFlex is an Eco-Friendly acrylic paint that is flexible. With up to 250% stable elongation, this is ideal for masonry walls that needs to breathe. It is a functional coating system with the specific purpose to allow water vapour to evaporate from the substrate, but not allowing any water penetrating the substrate from the exterior environment. The AirFlex is adhesion promoted, it will adhere to concrete works and masonry work.

Surface Preparation

• Ensure that the Substrate has been washed off and is free of any dust or any objects and chemicals that might cause non-adhesion to the substrate.
• Ensure that the substrate has dried properly before any application of the product.
• Continuous brushing or usage of compressed air on the immediate area to be sprayed is recommended.

Method of Application

• AirFlex is pre-packaged in a 20ltr bucket – open bucket mix thoroughly at medium speed before application.
• Ensure the substrate has been properly prepared as above.
• Cover allsurrounding and non-spray able areas with masking tape to avoid damage or overspray.
• Application for masonry walls – Roll on or Brush on application. Apply the first layer of paint. Once the 1st coat is touch dry apply a 2nd Coat.

Practical Coverage

• 60 m² per 20ltr bucket at a ± 2 coat application


• Our Paint is water based therefore paint and application tools can be cleaned off with running water.

Drying Time

• Touch Dry or before another coat – 1-2 Hours at ± 25 ⁰C
• Fully Cured – 7 Days at ± 25 ⁰C


• It is available in a range of colours


5L, 20L, 25L


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