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What should I do if my balcony/patio or slab roof and corrugated roof is leaking?

Call our offices and one of our staff will arrange for one of our specialists to come to your property to assess and advise you accordingly.

Do you offer warranties/guarantees on your products and application?

When we use anyone of our engineered waterproofing system we will offer you a minimum of 6 months -24 months maintenance free warranty and up to 10 year product guarantee (product dependent). This is all dependent on the scope of the project and areas that requires waterproofing.

Are your Products DIY?

None of our product are DIY or retailed in stores to the consumer market. We will only issue and guarantee or warranty on the product if applied by Berry King.

Would Berry King assist us if we have properties around South Africa and Africa?

This would depend which country you want us to go to, we will look into it and cost it accordingly should we have availability.

Do you charge a call out fee?

Within a specific radius of 30km from our offices, we don’t charge for an assessment and quote of your property, should you be further than the 30km from our offices in Kempton Park, then there will be a call out fee charged to the client as a once off rate for the assessment and quote, however should you accept our quotation the call will be deducted from the final invoice.

Do you charge for a report on our home for insurance purposes or should you want to purchase the home?

Yes we do charge for a report and would be dependent on area and the size of the house for us to prepare a report, please send us an email with the area and the size of the house and we will send you our rate card for the size of the house and the area the property is situated in.

Does the waterproofing you apply to my roof require maintenance?

None of our engineered systems for all types of roofs would require any maintenance.

Is your work supervised?

Most definitely there is always a foreman on site.

Would you assist clients that require you to do applications over weekends?

This is all dependent on what application we are applying and whether you are in a estate or outside the estate as there are rules that we will need to follow. (This will be discussed with the client beforehand).

Does Berry King Waterproofing make use of sub-contractors or do you have your own teams?

No we don’t, all our waterproofing applicators have a license and are approved applicators for all our products that are applied by Berry King Waterproofing.

Yes, we sub-contact certain projects that are not waterproofing related. E,g, plumbing, electrical, flooring – however these contactors are supervised by Berry King Waterproofing staff.