Berry King Waterproofing is the preferred applicator for Maris polyurethane systems in South Africa.

Maris Polymers waterproofing products are sold and successfully installed in over 70 countries worldwide. Maris Polymers boasts a number of international certifications including but not limited to certification in Siberia with -50 degree conditions and in the Middle East with high temperatures reaching above 45-degrees.

Polyurethane is relatively unused in Africa, but the advantages over torch-on system are endless. Our products carry a 10-year product performance warranty with Maris Polymers Waterproofing. Advantages of our polyurethane waterproofing coatings is the solar UV reflective of our waterproofing coatings reflecting 93.47 % creating a cool roof (ASTM Tested E903-96).

Other advantages of using our Maris PU Coatings but not limited to is that it is a paint-on systems is that it is seamless (no laps to come undone) making it quick to apply and accessible to small coving areas, easy to apply (simply apply by roller or squeegee), full surface adhesion first time round, UV Resistant, good crack bridging properties, high chemical and water ponding resistance, decorative finishes if required, no flame required.

To date we have successfully acquired a number of prestigious projects in South Africa including Eastgate Shopping Centre – new parking deck extension, Rosebank Mall – new parking deck, Vaal Park Shopping mall – parking deck, MDS House (major architectural practice in South Africa– flat roof top waterproofing amongst others.

We have a comprehensive range of waterproofing products that are suitable from below ground basement waterproofing at foundation level, wet areas waterproofing in the building and balconies through to waterproofing of roof structures and car parking decks, anti-root planter boxes, and sealing of leaking balconies without removing the tiles with a liquid applied transparent waterproofing membrane which reduces the hassle of removing the tiles to waterproof (provided the tiles are soundly fixed).

In brief the main stream product range consists of;

  • Mariseal 600 is used for foundations and retaining walls.
  • The Mariseal 270 is used in wet rooms. It’s a brilliant under tile product that is simple to apply in showers and bathrooms. It can also be used under tile on balconies. This is a very cost effective product in comparison to other products on the market.
  • Mariseal 250 system is used on flat and concrete roofs and the product has a 25-year lifespan maintenance free. We offer 10 year guarantee.  This product is anti-root tested (perfect for green roofs) and also has been tested for the reflection of 93.47% UV rays. It can be used in conjunction with the relevant top coat making it very decorative and trafficable. In conjunction with the Mariseal 400 for non-trafficable decks /420 for heavy duty trafficable decks such as on car parking decks.
  • Mariseal 300 used in potable water applications, Maritrans system is the company’s flagship product. It is a clear application to be used over tiles on leaking balconies and terraces. It doesn’t yellow and doesn’t flake unlike a varnish. It can also be used as a decorative finish.
  • Mariseal Aqua Primer used as a barrier over existing bitumen sheet waterproofing to rejuvenate old torch on waterproofing using Mariseal 250 as the liquid waterproofing membrane applied over the Mariseal Aqua primer.