Waterproofing the old way . . . . . Burning bitumen is a very difficult application and if not done correctly the first time will leave you leakage points and uncovered surfaces, forcing you to start all over.

When using a bituminous product for waterproofing, it is a very difficult application and if not done correctly may not be 100% waterproofed and is not a maintenance free product.

The old way of waterproofing using a bituminous product was difficult, costly and had its issues that come with the product.

Polymers are the new application of today’s waterproofing. With a
quick and easy to apply application it is exactly what the 21st century market is looking for. Now there is no need for high temperature burning, overlapping sheets and intensive work force.

Bitumen Waterproofing system

  • Outdated
  • Messy
  • Time Consuming
  • Toxic – Petroleum based
  • Maintenance based every 15months.
  • Need to ensure that seems are sealed
  • Becomes brittle and starts cracking if not maintained.
  • Hardest product to find the leak in your house
  • Rotten cheese
berryseal (1)

BERRYSEAL – Waterproofing the NEW Way…

Waterproofing, using BERRYSEAL Industrial or lite, is tomorrows solution today. The Polymers and geotextile bonding allows for new age waterproofing, which is quick to apply and cost effective.

BERRYSEAL Industrial is a water-soluble polymer based seal. The application of 2-3 coats of this polymer mixture will allow for a highly elastic and non-toxic waterproofing. It can be used on both new and existing structures.

BERRYSEAL is used for waterproofing of all new and existing structures concrete/or metal roofs. If the existing structure is cracked, BERRYSEAL may be applied directly over allowing less delay on the project repair and deflecting the cost of repairs. A Poly non-woven membrane or geotextile is used as the Seals’ membrane and allows for greater textile strength and protection against all elements. Once the BERRYSEAL polymers solution binds to the membrane, the membrane becomes more flexible, thus increasing the textile strength and the longevity of the waterproofing seal. See Annexure A, as a result of adding a geotextile to increase the textile strength.

The benefits of the system is that it is easy to apply, cost effective, non-problematic with joints and is environmentally friendly!

BERRYSEAL is cost effective and environmentally friendly. When applying the product there are no long curing times. It takes approximately 1 day to dry. The seal is easy to apply and highly flexible, allowing it to be applied to all types of surfaces and will not crack when cured. The seal needs no heavy or specialized machinery to apply it. Two application methods are used. One, it can be applied by a spray on apparatus or two, it may be applied by the brush or soft broom technique.

Depending on the surface that the seal is going to be applied to, all types of geotextiles may be used with the product. The type of geotextile will determine the application type to use and the thickness that the application must be applied. The seal can be applied to even sides/side flashings of existing structures . . .

The Installation guidelines are quick and easy to follow and will allow our engineers to apply the product to specification and signed off  the manufacturer..

The preparation of the surface is key to the layout of the project. The surface is to be swept and removed of any debris or rust. As said a block brush or broom can be used to apply the liquid polymer or a spray machine can be used to apply the product. The King Tac 2 primer coat will be applied to the surface. Once this is complete the geotextile will be laid over the primer coat. The geotextile will overlap each other, as to not create joints, leaving no point of weakness as traditional waterproofing techniques do. When applying directly to the side of the structure, the surfaced must be cleaned and removed of all debris. After using equipment make sure to wash thoroughly with water, to prevent any blockage or product been left behind.