BK 3000 Polyurethane – Single Component Hybrid Construction Sealant


BK 3000 Polyurethane is a thixotropic isocyanate and, solvent and VOC free moisture curing sealant, based on Hybrid technology. It is a filled system that has moisture and oxidation resistance and exhibits good adhesion to cementitious and steel substrates.

Product Applications:

BK 3000 Polyurethane can be used as a general joint sealer and crack filler on cementitious surfaces. It provides medium chemical, wear and corrosion resistance, while at the same time curing to a 25 Shore A hardness (+/- 5 Shore A). A degree of colour change with time is to be expected. It is not recommended for use in water retaining structures. If applied to natural stone, we recommend the use of BK 3000 Polyurethane 105 Primer.

BK 3000 Polyurethane is overcoatable; however the coating will crack as it will not accommodate the same movement as the sealant. It is recommended to do a compatibility test prior to application or painting.

Surface Preparation:

All surfaces to be clean sound and dry, free of moisture, dust, laitance, and oil. If used in severe or damp conditions prime with BK 3000 Polyurethane 106.


Place sausage in the barrel gun, cut end off sausage and fit the nozzle; trim the tip to suit the joint spacing to be filled. Insert backing rod to the correct depth.

Gun the product into clean joints and smooth with a dry spatula. The joint width should be designed to accommodate the expected movement, the joint ratio for 6 – 10mm wide joints is 1:1 thereafter a ratio of 2:1 should be respected.

Note a minimum width of 6mm and a maximum of 20mm should be adhered to.

Backing cord/Bond Breaker should be used to prevent three-sided adhesion.


Clean all tools and equipment immediately after use with BK 3000 Polyurethane 901.


Contact with the skin should be avoided by wearing gloves, eye protection and protective clothing. In case of eye contact wash well and obtain medical advice.

Approximate Coverage:

  • 6 x 6mm 16,6 Lm per 600ml
  • 8 x 8mm 9.38 Lm per 600ml
  • 10 x 10mm 6 Lm per 600ml unit
  • 12 x 6mm 13.9 Lm per 600ml unit
  • 15 x 8mm 8.3 Lm per 600ml unit
  • Mixing Ratio Single component
  • Skin over time 1-2 Hrs dependant on RH, temp & thickness
  • Practical Cure + 2mm per day dependant on RH & temp
  • Hardness + 25 Shore A
  • Tensile strength 0.5 – 1 Mpa
  • Elongation at break >200 %
  • Colour Grey, colours available on order
  • Density 1.4 Cured
  • Movement accommodation 25% of initial joint width
  • Shelf Life 12 Months
  • Application Temp. 5 – 35°C
  • Service Temp. -20°C to +60° C Dry
  • Pack Size 600ml sausages
  • Cleaning BK 3000 Polyurethane 901
  • Storage Store in a cool dry place – Do not freeze

The information supplied is believed to be reliable. As we do not have any control over the processing or application of the product, we cannot guarantee the results to be obtained. Users assume all risks and liability resulting from the use of this product and must confirm the suitability thereof by conducting their own tests. No guarantee is expressed or implied. Liability is limited to replacement of faulty material. Field service provided does not constitute supervisory responsibility.





5L, 20L, 25L


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