Thermo-Ins is a multi-purpose, powder form mixture which when prepared and applied to building surfaces, creates a heat, fire, humidity resistant and sound-proof insulation layer. Thermo-Ins has a 98% natural composition. The Thermo-Ins ingredients and composition can be further manipulated to provide additional enhancement to any of its particular insulation properties. Thermo-Ins is non-toxic and has no harmful effect on human health. The Thermo-Ins manufacturing process and the resulting insulation product are completely environmentally friendly.
Thermo-Ins has a fire resistance up to 600°C, and is a certified class-A fire resistant insulation material in compliance with thermal and fire insulation regulations stipulated by DIN4102. With its fire-retarding character, it provides excellent human safety and property protection for many years. Thermo-Ins Plus, a particular variation of Thermo-Plus optimised for increased fire and heat resistance, can provide fire resistance at up to 1000°C. The nine-story steel structure building of Ministry of Transportation in Iraq, was plastered with Thermo-Ins Plus for fire protection.

One of the most important characteristics of Thermo-Ins is its high steam diffusion rate. This allows Thermo-Ins to be porous to allow for air flow and humidity removal while still being water-proof and insulating against heat and cold. By eliminating humidity and mould, Thermo-Ins creates comfortable and healthy living spaces.

Since Thermo-Ins is applied in a similar manner to plaster, any scale building project, with any size and shape internal and external surface, can be easily insulated. Any future repairs needed in the buildings can be easily and quickly done.

Thermo-Ins can withstand high pressure, allowing it to have very good structural strength and impact resistance which allows the insulation to have excellent longevity.

Thermo-Ins weighs 345kg/m³, which is 6 times less than the weight of plaster. This greatly reduces the static weight of a building treated with Thermo-Ins.


1. The constituent ingredients of Thermo-Ins are 98% natural substances, environmentally friendly and nontoxic. There are no carcinogenic substances present in Thermo-Ins. The manufacturers of Thermo-Ins are committed to environmentally friendly manufacturing practices and products.

2. Thermo-Ins is fire-resistant, in compliance with the DIN4102 standard and is a ‘Class-A’ non-flammable material. Thermo-Ins can withstand fire and heat of 600oc allowing it to function as a heat insulator as well as a fire barrier. Thermo-Ins emits no smoke or gas in the presence of fire.

3. Owing to its low resistance to water vapour diffusion, it allows the building interior to ‘breathe’, thus preventing the interior accumulation of unwanted humidity and moisture. This has the added benefit of preventing the proliferation of mould and fungus which would grow on damp surfaces and humid interior environments. Thermo-Ins behaves in a similar to the way our skin insulates the human body against water and while still allowing for the passage of air and perspiration.

4. Thermo-Ins has an heat insulation property in the range between 0.050 – 0,055 watts per m2. This property does not diminish with time after the application of Thermo-Ins but continues to remain constant with age.

5. Thermo-Ins can be directly applied to many surfaces encountered in most buildings and constructions, including bricks, ceramics, steel and all cement surfaces. Its homogenous plaster-like consistency allows for easy application to any surface and allows for easy repairs to be performed when necessary to any particular area.

6. For large surfaces and buildings, Thermo-Ins can be applied to the surface with a machine, greatly saving time and reducing manual labour. For older buildings, once the underlying surface has been suitably prepared, Thermo-Ins can be applied successfully.

7. On exterior surfaces, a 72-hour period spent in a minimum heat of 20oc is recommended for Thermo-Ins to dry sufficiently before any further paint is applied to the building surface.

8. Exterior surfaces benefit greatly from the heat and cold insulation as well as the waterproofing and moisture-repellent properties of Thermo-Ins. The water-absorption rate of Thermo-Ins is less than 3% following a passage of 120 days after its application. Thermo-Ins can be used on external surfaces without additional paint or protective layer.

9. The high pressure durability of Thermo-Ins (33 kg/m2) allows for its use in structural areas that are subjected to high compressive forces and pressure, such as foundations and basements. Thermo-Ins is very resilient against impact. The insulation and moisture reduction properties of Thermo-Ins also help to prevent the development of any cracks.

10. Thermo-Ins provides acoustic dampening of interior surfaces to reduce sound reverberation and assist in soundproofing of interior areas.

11. Thermo-Ins weighs six-times less than conventional plaster. This greatly reduces the ‘dead weight’ in building structures and can provide safety in earthquake-prone areas where the weight of the structure is of great concern.

12. Thermo-Ins greatly reduces the costs by removing the need for surface preparations and fine plaster work. Thermo-Ins can be applied to surfaces directly.

In summary, Thermo-Ins provides a cost-effective and easily applied insulation material to protect against the environmental elements of heat, cold and water, for the benefit of the building structure longevity. Maintainability as well as the enhanced standard of living comfort for its inhabitants.