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Eliminating Viruses and Germs utilizing Decon7 originally developed to counter Biochemical Threats to the US National Security by the US military

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Government recommends all Businesses, Schools, Restaurants be Sanitized before re-commencing operations.

We only use Decon 7 to fully sanitize and eliminate Virus threats!

Decon 7 Has full EPA approval and is certified for use by the Department Of Health

What is Decon7?

Decon7 is a powerful, patented decontaminate, sanitizer and cleaning solution which neutralizes both viruses and bacteria. D7 today is utilized in a variety of military, defense and public safety applications

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    How We Apply Decon7
    China Using Fogging to Decontaminate Cities

    Built to Combat Bioterrorism and Save Lives

    The original formula on which D7 was based was created through funding granted by the Department of Energy in Sandia Laboratories in New Mexico.

    Utilizing cutting-edge developments in chemical science, D7 capitalizes on the natural cleaning power of hydrogen peroxide, penetrating and disarming toxins at a molecular level.

    This specialized formula penetrates and eliminates pathogenic bacteria, sanitizing down to the molecular level to prevent future outbreaks.