Have you ever experienced any of these problems around your house:

  • Bubbling of plaster on your internal and/or external walls
  • Paint peeling off your walls sooner than it should
  • Salty pockets protruding from your walls
  • Unusually high humidity in the air
  • Musky smells
  • Have you noticed Green and Black Mould
  • High electricity bills to keep your house warm
  • Family member/s suffering from asthma, insomnia, allergies, headaches, migraines, joint pains, respiratory infections, etc.

The above points could well be symptoms of rising damp!

Berry King Waterproofing offers our clients the only Permanent Solution to the problem of rising damp in the World.

In homes that are older than 20 years the damp proof course will have begun to erode or has already eroded and the water from the ground will be penetrating the damp course as long as you are living in the house.

Apart from the symptoms mentioned above, rising damp, left unresolved, can cause structural damage to the foundations and walls.

More and more we find rising damp in newly built homes in South Africa.   This boils down to shoddy workmanship and/or the use of sub-standard building materials.

The only 2 solutions a home-owner has would be to get two helicopters and lift up your house to apply a new damp proof course to your walling. (not going to happen) or….

The second option which is the only option would be to install an Aquapol device in your house.  This device creates a transparent DPC which will never allow the rising damp to ever penetrate the damp proof course forever.

The Aquapol Device will dry out your entire house from your inside walls through to your outside walls.

What is Rising Damp?

Rising Damp is very common as homes are built on hillsides and koppies, or have slopes with split levels. This problem is mainly seen in townhouse complexes, where the ground levels are split. Symptoms of lateral damp can be handled with the Aquapol Device in conjunction with a vertical membrane.

The vertical flow of water through the wall structure comes about as a result of the soil or ground water being pushed up by the force of energy through the masonry pores (capillaries) into the plaster or brick by a process termed the capillary action. In other words the plaster and bricks suck the water up like a sponge..

Rising damp is caused by the attractive force between water and building materials.  Due to these forces water climbs up the capillaries (small “tubes” in the masonry, much like blood vessels).

The Aquapol solution changes the polarity of the water, thereby causing it to move back down the capillaries into the ground.  This is the only rising damp solution that can do that.


Drying out and keeping dry permanently Berry King Waterproofing will advise on what solution not to use – they are temporary and the moisture will keep coming back.

  • Injected systems which supposedly create impermeable barriers. These do not work as water will follow the next line of least resistance and will keep penetrating the walls. Such systems will also weaken the building structure from drilling into the bricks; structural cracks and hairline cracks in the plaster are likely to occur.

What are the engineered methods to treat lateral damp?

After the Aquapol device has been installed the most effective method to deal with lateral damp is the application of our Thermal insulation plaster(P)(PP) 100% eco-friendly waterproofing plaster, which can be applied over the existing plaster or directly to the brick of the wall to stop the force of ground moisture against lateral wall area.
Boundary walls, in addition to such walls are often badly affected by Lateral Damp where ground levels between properties are at differing heights.

Thermal Insulation plaster can be used for:

  • Foundations
  • Retaining walls
  • Concrete Structures
  • Basements
  • Slab roofs
  • Plastered walls
  • Wet rooms
  • Flooring